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Tas-Saff Saffron

Nicky and Terry are the owners of Tas-Saff, the family owned and operated saffron grower. We use this saffron exclusively for our paellas. The flavour is intense, the colour astonishing. Such is the quality of this world class saffron that, to achieve the same intensity of colour and flavour, we would have to use 3 times the amount of any imported saffron. 

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Juan Valerso Rice tartana our Rice suppl
Rob Nichols cooking at Nichols Chicken.j

Goaty Hill Wines

 Goaty Hill Wines is family owned and operated by Natasha, Tony, Marcus and Christine. We all met at the Goaty Hill Jazz festival in 2014. From there grew a partnership and friendship that led us to a join forces at Taste of Tasmania in 2015. Our Paella de Mariscos Estilo de Tasmania was created to be partnered with Goaty Hill Riesling. Find us at their Easter Saturday Jazz Festival and Jazz Day always last weekend of November

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Tasman Sea Salt 

Chris Branscombe Tasman Sea Salt

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Arroz Tartana, Valencia 

Nichols Chicken

Rob Nichols NIchols chicken

Juan Valero CEO of Arroz Tartana 

Nikki Noonan ,Abe Edrick

Terry Noonan , Clare,Mike 

Nikki Noonan  and Edrick

at Salamanca market.

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Chris Doumarous,

Chris supplies our squid

and scallops

Georgetown Seafoods

Tetsuiya Wakuda Ambassador for Petuna and Edrick who won the Wakuda award for  Best Plate, Taste of Tasmania 2014.